Hi, I’m Tom!

For over 35 years, I have been a practitioner of some form of physical and mental exercise; starting at the age of 5 I began boxing, then transitioned into martial arts at the age of 8 where I later became an instructor at the age of 16. I studied Kenpo, Taekwondo, Shorin-Ryu, Krav Maga, and various weapon disciplines - all of which required intense focus, dedication, and time. As a child being exposed to multiple forms of art and culture, I was intrigued by the way the mind works which influenced me into studying productivity, organizational behavior, psychology, and social engineering.

This quest has brought me to my love of mindfulness, nature, and yoga as for me, they intersect with my past by fusing the mind, body, and spirit in a low-impact and can-do-anywhere discipline.

My obsession over the years has been achieving greatness by being efficient, productive, and helping others realize their dreams and to live to their fullest potential. There’s a quote that I say “Laziness breeds innovation.” It’s not laziness; instead, it’s the desire to really focus on the things that are truly important.

I have helped people in their careers, businesses, relationships, and living a life that they were striving to achieve. I have also helped found multiple companies, a non-profit, and hosted a successful podcast with the mission of spreading knowledge on leveling up facets of your life. I also briefly taught wilderness survivalism.

Tom Hudson

That all said, many people see me as an enigma. I have a foot in wellness, and another in the corporate world. I’ve led merger and acquisitions, I manage multi-million programs and teams, and yet have a Jeep that is usually covered in mud, I enjoy camping and hiking, and have a daily yoga practice.

I was born and grew up in Northern Texas, where ranching and working in the oil fields on natural gas pipelines were very common. I left that small town when I was 19, and since then I have lived in Italy, Puerto Rico, New Hampshire, Southern & Northern California and have spent extended time in Michigan and Ireland. I’ve couch surfed, and I have hosted many couch surfers. These experiences have taught me that the world and people are very rich in culture, beliefs, and dreams - yet we tend to all have the same hurdles.

Those hurdles boil down to; not enough time, the world is too complicated, we're held back by exhaustion and do not have a clear vision for a path forward.

My approach to collaborating with you is to provide a paradigm shift for these challenges and shifting them to opportunities. I will work with you to provide the motivation and inspiration you need using meditation, nature, yoga, and one-on-one coaching/mentorship.

Why am I doing this? I love to see people getting things done that really matter. Making a positive change in the world. Being the proverbial pebble in the lake, that is causing positive changes all around. I want to help you achieve more and more of those significant moments in your life and to assist you to reach your fullest potential.

Success is not a goal. Being unstoppable is.