Mindful Outdoor Experiences

A mindful outdoor experience (MOE) is unlike anything you may have done before such as hiking or a camping trip. Typically on a hiking trip, the destination is in mind or we are attempting to reach the summit for a new personal record time, I know that I've done this a number of times.

A MOE is a structured and guided experience that enables you to sink into a space that is quiet and more in line with nature and your natural being. One could say that this process is helping you move away from acting as a 'human doing' to that of a 'human being'.

The experience draws in principles from mindfulness, yoga, Ayurveda, as well as a context of the place the MOE will be occurring. We will spend time; performing a light warm-up, mindfully reconnecting with our breath, centering us to the land, expressing gratitude, walking with awareness, engaging and expanding the senses, meditation or similar experience, and then a council practice or sharing circle.

These walks are done in noble silence, meaning no talking, no checking our phones, taking pictures, focused on a goal or outcome, etc. The focus is to drop into our body, senses and to be one with the environment. It's through this slow, purposeful, mindful practice that we can begin to reconnect to our senses to bring us closer to nature.

To learn more about the benefits of being in nature go here, or contact me to learn more about scheduling a mindful outdoor experience.