Password Affirmation Hack

We tend to seek simple solutions to provide the maximum benefit. I'm not going to lie; I am a fan of what Tim Ferris has called, minimally effective dosage (MED) (Gizmodo has a good piece on it here).

It's not laziness; it's how do you maximize your gains with the minimum amount of effort. How do you get the most substantial return without diminishing returns?

So, here's a simple hack that truly is simple to implement and I believe is powerful. It's something that I have been using for almost 10-years now.

Most of us have passwords set up for your smartphone, tablet, and/or our computer. Those of you that have a computer that requires you to change your password every 60 days or so, this is an excellent tip for you.

Change the password to something you want to focus on or want to manifest; you know a positive affirmation. Here are some examples:

  • WorldTraveler2019

  • MoreKale2Day!

  • LoveFruit&Veg!

Think about how many times you type our your password? Typing your new positive affirmation password multiple times a day is simple and effective. Get started today!