5 Ways to Improve a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a great night’s rest can seem unobtainable for many.  That is, a consistent 7-8hrs of deep sleep, which results in you waking up fresh, energized, and sharp (as opposed to tired and angry for the first few hours).  No matter what, there is always room for improvement.  If you want that perfect night’s sleep, then follow some of these tips to get you started down the right path.


Technology is fantastic, it simplifies our lives and keeps us connected everywhere we go, but where it shouldn’t go is in the bedroom when it is time to go to bed.  The ambient light that your monitors and screens give off will interrupt our body’s natural processes that induce sleep.  Even if you turn off your devices at 8 pm sharp, you are unnaturally forcing the body to shut down.  You should shoot for a half hour of off-time before easing into your sleep.


This leads us to our next tip: schedule your sleep and wake schedule so that your body is used to falling asleep and waking up on its own at the same time each day.  This will make your REM sleep (deep sleep) last longer and thus enable you to be up and ready without feeling like you need to hit that snooze button three times before getting up.


This tip is especially pertinent for those who work inside.  You need to ensure that you are getting at least 30 minutes to an hour of direct sunlight each day, preferably with some moderate exercise. No, sitting in your car on your way to and from work in the hot sun doesn’t count.  What you should be doing is getting in a morning walk or jog to wake up, then find some time to sit or play outside before you eat dinner or before you get ready for bed.  The melatonin produced due to sun exposure will help balance your circadian rhythm, and the exercise will contribute to empty your energy reservoirs.  


Probably one of the more underrated and overlooked methods of improving a good night’s sleep. Having an orgasm before you sleep is often just as powerful as taking a sleeping pill, for some. During orgasm, the brain releases endorphins and hormones that trigger full-body relaxation.  If you don’t have a partner to help you through this, then make every night date-night with yourself. You’ve earned it.


This is related to the previous tip, in that you need to put yourself in a relaxed state before you close your eyes and go to sleep.  Try incorporating lavender oils and tea.  Take a nice relaxing bath with Epson salts if you’re feeling stressed or sore.  Lastly, make sure you get all you need for tomorrow prepared and out of your way, so you have nothing weighing on your mind when you go to sleep.